About Professions

Professions are a great way to expand your character's abilities to help yourself and your friends. There are three professions to choose from once the player reaches base level 15 and all three professions can be combined with any job class. Once a player has chosen a profession, it cannot be changed.

Players can choose a profession by speaking with the corresponding specialist for the profession, located in Izlude. After the profession is chosen, the player will receive a new level 1 passive skill indicating their profession. Profession skill level can be increased by performing the associated ability. A higher profession level grants the player higher success chances and allows for more variety of crafting.

The Shaman

The shaman profession has the ability to create all sorts of helpful potions and remedies for healing HP, SP, and curing ailments. These remedies can heal in bursts, timed fashion, or can be used to temporarily prevent negative statuses on the character. A higher profession level allows the player to create a wider range of potions/remedies and at higher success rates.

List of Shaman Recipes

The Tailor

The tailor profession grants the player with all sorts of new crafting for unique shoes, garments, shields, and armors. The only thing tailors can't make are weapons or hats. As the tailor's profession grows, higher quality armors can be made with a higher degree of success.

List of Tailor Recipes

The Chef

The chef profession allows the player to create various foods that grant stat bonuses. These foods grant the player with bonuses to nearly every aspect of your character: STR, ATK, DEF, ASPD, etc. As with the other professions, a higher profession level will allow the player to craft higher quality foods and at a higher success rate.

List of Chef Recipes