News and Updates

March 6 2020
Changelog 03/05/2020
Changelog Added New Headgear Quests Pretend Murdered [0] (2293) Effect - 3 Def. Drains 100 HP from its owner every 10 seconds. Adds a 25% chance of causing bleeding on al…
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February 9 2020
Changelog 02/09/2020
Changelog Additions Added in Turtle Dungeon Accessed via the Alberta docks. Note: As with all content on Asgard Legend, things may be different from vanilla RO. Added in new…
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February 3 2020
Changelog 02/03/2020
Changelog Additions Added in Shadow and Holy Elemental Converters to various monster drops. Fixes Fixed Cast-off Ciceda Shell (Ninja Skill) incorrect skill tree requirements.
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January 29 2020
Changelog 01/28/2020
Changelog Additions Added in a new infinitely usable "Book of Memories" item that casts Memory Portal when used. This is obtained by all new players after changing to first jo…
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January 6 2020
Changelog - Episode 3: Hugel
Changelog Additions Added in the Airship system with two options of travel: First Class and Normal. Normal airship travel is free and follows the following route: Izlude…
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