News and Updates

May 2 2020
Changelog 05/02/2020
Changelog Additions Added a basic instance to challenge Valkyrie Randgris. Starting location: odin_tem03 275, 226 Instance Duration: 2 hours Cooldown: 20 hours (master ac…
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April 25 2020
Changelog 04/25/2020
Changelog Additions Added a new command - !report <message> Used for reporting other players for violating our Terms of Service. Examples: kill-stealing, mob dropping, e…
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April 11 2020
Changelog 04/11/2020
Changelog Additions Added updated download links for windows. Last updated 04/06/2020 - Includes all hosts (Asgard Legend, Mega, and Google Drive) Note: patches now start in F…
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April 2 2020
Changelog 04/02/2020
Changelog Player Changes Flee modifications on armors with values above 7 are reduced to 7. Undead element resistance modifications on armors has been changed to shadow resist…
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March 6 2020
Changelog 03/05/2020
Changelog Added New Headgear Quests Pretend Murdered [0] (2293) Effect - 3 Def. Drains 100 HP from its owner every 10 seconds. Adds a 25% chance of causing bleeding on al…
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