The Highlights

Weather System

Enjoy an immersive day and night cycle with rain, snow, or sunshine and dynamic monster spawns.

Thoughtful Balance

Carefully planned and rebalanced job classes and monsters that remain true to original design.

Modifications and Rigidity

Thousands of unique combinations of weapons and armors waiting to be discovered.

Overarching Story

Entirely optional story that spans the duration of your journey from beginning to end.

A welcoming and interactive community awaits.

Asgard Legend strives to be create a warm, welcoming environment for all. With so much to learn, our community and staff are always ready to help.

With new dungeons, instances, and bosses to tackle, you'll want to bring some friends!

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News and Events

April 1 2021
Changelog 04/01/2021 - [Region Overhauls]
Changelog Additions Added in new security measures to detect robots. Players must now complete a reCAPTCHA every 5 minutes to continue playing. (Five failed attempts will resu…
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March 26 2021
Changelog 03/26/2021 - [Expanded Super Novice]
Changelog Additions Added additional Falcon Breeder to Izlude (55, 154). Added Expanded Super Novice Job Location to change jobs: Windmill building in the southwest region of…
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March 9 2021
Changelog 03/08/2021 - [Star Gladiator Overhaul]
Changelog Website Improvements Added more useful links to the main navigation bar. (Wiki, Item DB, Mob DB, World Map, and Rankings) Changed highlights section to feature infor…
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February 18 2021
Changelog 02/17/2021 - [Post New Client Bug Fixes / Pet Evolution]
Changelog Additions Added in evolution to the pet UI window. Added in automatic pet feeding to all pet UI windows. Added in new pet evolutions. Evolution can occur when a pet…
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February 8 2021
New Client Released
New Client After quite some time of waiting, our new client is finally here! Since it has been a while of waiting, here is a quick refresher on what’s been going on. Our…
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