News and Updates

July 15 2019
Changelog 07/14/2019
Changelog Additions Added in a new item bonus "bShortAtkRate" which applies damage similar to bonus "bLongAtkRate" except for short-range attacks only. Added the Thanatos Towe…
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July 5 2019
Changelog 07/04/2019
Changelog Removed Kokomo Beach event. New player event is still ongoing (Battle Manuals for new Characters). Changes Poison Elemental Table Changed Poison Vs. Level 1 Water/E…
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June 22 2019
Changelog 06-22-2019
Important Notes Due to the numerous changes, the resetter is free for all levels for the next week and will not consume reset tickets. Skill descriptions/icons will be tempor…
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June 2 2019
Summer New Player Event
Summer New Player Event June 1st ~ June 30th   New Player Battle Manuals and Quest Skills Upon creating a new character from June 1st to July 31st, new players are given…
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June 1 2019
Changelog 06/01/2019
Important notes: Quest skills have been wiped for all players. However, simply logging in will grant all players all quest skills in the new format so that they are not erased…
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