The Highlights

Weather System

Enjoy an immersive day and night cycle with rain, snow, or sunshine and dynamic monster spawns.

Champion Monsters

Face challenging enemies for increased experience and item drops.

Modifications and Rigidity

Thousands of unique combinations of weapons and armors waiting to be discovered.

Overarching Story

Entirely optional story that spans the duration of your journey from beginning to end.

A welcoming and interactive community awaits.

Asgard Legend strives to be create a warm, welcoming environment for all. With so much to learn, our community and staff are always ready to help.

With new dungeons, instances, and bosses to tackle, you'll want to bring some friends!

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News and Events

August 1 2020
Changelog - Episode 5: Einbroch
Changelog Additions Added new parameter for !memo. Now accepts "!memo clear" to wipe all memory locations. Added in Einbroch, Einbech, surrounding fields, and Einbroch Dungeon…
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July 24 2020
Changelog 07/24/2020
Changelog Additions Added Ice Dungeon and surrounding fields accessible headed north from Lighthalzen. Updated the site's world map to reflect the new maps available. Note: As…
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July 19 2020
Summer Event
Asgard Legend Summer Event July 19th ~ August 8th   Kokomo Beach and Pharos Lighthouse Comodo's casinos just hasn't been reeling in the tourism that it used to. In order…
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July 19 2020
Changelog 07/19/2020
Changelog Additions Added in a Summer Event. Lasts until August 8th! Speak to the Kokomo Rep in Izlude to relax at the beach or speak to the Summer Trade to make a fun hat! A…
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July 16 2020
Changelog 07/16/2020
Changelog Additions Added a visual (X emoticon) effect while Assumptio Block status is active. Added a Tetra Vortex Spellbook to the spellbook shop. Added Clashing Spiral (Lor…
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