News and Updates

January 1 2019
Changelog 01/01/2019
Changelog Additions Added in a 2 second delay to sending messages shared by all chat channels. Added in a "Reset Both" option to the Hypnotist that resets both stats and skill…
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December 22 2018
Changelog 12/22/2018
This patch contains numerous skill balancing changes in an ongoing effort to provide balance between all skills and job classes. Please be aware that these changes will contin…
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December 18 2018
Changelog 12/18/2018
Changelog Additions Added Super Novice to the main website. Added a basic skill check to the guild storage function of the Kafra. Added the same zeny requirement guild storage…
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December 14 2018
Changelog 12/13/2018
The last changelog before launch! Be sure to run your patcher before playing to avoid any errors.   Changelog Additions Added a 2,000z discount on Inn fees for members of…
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December 9 2018
Changelog 12/09/2018
Changelog Additions Added in Mr. Tester to Izlude (top-left island) Each master account created before the beta ended will have the ability to choose one costume hat from the…
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