News and Updates

December 9 2018
Changelog 12/09/2018
Changelog Additions Added in Mr. Tester to Izlude (top-left island) Each master account created before the beta ended will have the ability to choose one costume hat from the…
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December 8 2018
An Asgard Legend Christmas
An Asgard Legend Christmas December 14th ~ December 31st   Help Santa! One of Santa Claus' workers just witnessed Antiono stealing presents straight from the Toy Factory.
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December 2 2018
Changelog 12/02/2018
Changelog Additions Added in champion monsters All champion monsters have increased HP, EXP, JEXP, and drop rates. There are five variations of champion monsters you can find…
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November 27 2018
Changelog 11/27/2018
Changelog Additions Added in more hat quests. View the current list here: Added in a Stylis…
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November 20 2018
Changelog 11/20/2018
Changelog Additions Added in the ability to donate via the main website. Notes: $1.00 USD = 100 Kafra Points (KP) Kafra Points are redeemed automatically upon login. During th…
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