Quick Guide


Living a simple life in Port Malaya, the adventurer receives an unexpected letter from King Tristan requesting that he/she immediately visits him. The letter strikes the adventurer as strange seeing as the king has been missing for quite some time. He/she suspects it is a misunderstanding at first, but soon learns that the letter is indeed from King Tristan himself. Not having any connections to the king, or to anyone for that matter, the player must make a decision to go on an adventure or continue a simple life in Port Malaya...

User Interface

Below is a quick overview of the user interface. Many of the windows can be positioned to your liking. Note that your screen may look different based upon your resolution and whether you are in widescreen or not.

( 1 ) Information window. This is an overview of the character containing character's name, base level, job level, current experience, HP and SP, and icons to open various windows.
( 2 ) The hotkey bar. You may hotkey skills or items to this bar for quick access. The default keys are F1~F9. The user pictured has hotkeyed the skill "Pick Up" as F1 in order to pick up dropped items faster.
( 3 ) Navigation. You can find your coordinates and location of yourself, party members, and guild members. You can also click on icons in towns to display a navigation pathway to the desired location.
( 4 ) Equipment window. You can see your currently equipped items as well as change tabs to the costume or title tab. Costumes will display in place of equipment, but will not grant any stat bonuses. Titles display next to your character's name and can be earned through achievements.
( 5 ) Status window. This is where you will allocate your status points as you level and view your current attack, defense, and more.
  • STR - Strength increases damage dealt with melee weapons as well as increases your item carrying capacity.
  • AGI - Agility increases attack speed as well as ability to flee attacks.
  • VIT - Vitality increases maximum health, recovery speed, and slightly reduces damage taken from enemies.
  • INT - Inteligence increases magic damage, reduces magic damage, and increases maximum SP and SP recovery.
  • DEX - Dexterity increases damage dealt with ranged weapons, increases accuracy of all attacks, and reduces cast time.
  • LUK - Luck increases critical attack chance, ability to perfectly dodge, and slightly improves luck based aspects of the game.
( 6 ) Your character. You can see your own name and level (other players display the same information) as well as a bar for your health (green) and SP (blue). You will notice a bar for your pet as well indicating hunger level.
( 7 ) The chat bar. This is where you will communicate with other players. You can personal message someone by typing their name in the smaller box to the left.