Clans and Guilds


Ragnarok: Asgard Legend offers players the opportunity to be part of both a guild and a clan at the same time! Both clans and guilds have different functions so there is no need to pick between them. However, if a player is in both a clan and a guild, the guild emblem will be displayed in place of the clan emblem. The player's clan determines PvE elements of the game while their guild determines GvG elements of the game. It is important to note that while the player can freely leave and join new guilds, they can only change clans once every 7 days.


There are two clans that the player can choose from once they finish basic training: Sword Clan and Arc Wand Clan. By being in a clan, you will automatically receive the following bonuses.

Clan Bonuses:

  • Max HP + 50
  • Max SP + 15
Clans provide the player with minor stat boosts; but most importantly, clans have a massive influence on the environment around them. Clans can control territories by accomplishing clan-based quests in that area. Once a clan has control of a territory, the clan's emblem will be flown on flags around the area.

Players in the clan controlling the territory will receive a slight increase in EXP and drops while hunting in that area as well as recognition from the the local NPCs. Recognition helps with things like lower prices on goods/services as well as just being treated nicely by the locals. If you are in an opposing clan, don't worry, you will still be able to do everything as normal in that area.

The Clan Dungeon

This dungeon is accessible from any one of the clan territory masters (usually located in the center of town). It features two floors for both lower and higher-leveled players. Monsters within this dungeon are selected on certain days of the week and contain one pre-defined set of monsters, plus one completely random monster!


Guilds function very similarly to the original Ragnarok Online. Players will need an Emperium in order to create a guild. Once created, players can gather together either for the purposes of competing in the War of Emperium or simply to have a small social circle. Guild size is limited to a maximum of 36 members unlike clans which have an unlimited number of members. As a guild owner, you can create a unique emblem to display next to all of your guild member's names!