Achievement System


Ragnarok: Asgard Legend features a robust achievement system in which players can seek out or unknowingly unlock secret achievements while playing. Achievements come in a wide variety of formats intend to allow the player to experience more aspects of the game. Of course, there are simple achievements rewarded for exploring the world and killing certain monsters, but there are also achievements for doing the rare or unexpected. Secret achievements have no description, but are often more rewarding! Here are a few examples of achievements seen in-game:

  • Hello World - Complete basic training.
  • High Impact - Fall to your death.
  • The Mile High Experience - Be aboard an airship that is taken over by enemies.
  • Pet Rock - Tame a Stapo monster.
  • And 100's more!


After completing an achievement the player is able to collect their reward from the achievement menu. Rewards range from various items, zeny, temporary buffs, small amounts of EXP, or even special titles! It is important that players feel rewarded for completing achievements, but it is also important that achievements remain as a secondary and optional part of the game. We believe achievements should be completed for fun, not because they are necessary to level faster or remain competitive.


Certain achievements will unlock a new player title based on the achievement completed. The titles can be selected from the title menu (seen below) and are displayed next to the character's name. Show off your accomplishments!