Terms of Service

I. Accounts and Information

  1. Personal Information
    1. Information recorded by Ragnarok: Asgard Legend is Non (Personally Identifiable Information). We store your e-mail address for the purposes of creating a forum account and account recovery, your game account usernames and passwords to log into the game, and characters created under those game accounts.
    2. Actions taken while using our services (both game and website) are logged solely for the purposes of investigating activities that may be in violation of these terms of service and are not sold or distributed in any manner.
    3. Anonymous and aggregate data are logged for the purposes of informational statistics such as overall player counts and times of the day that are most active. This data is pooled together and is not tied to any particular email, account, or character.
    4. All information listed above in I.1a, I.1b, and I.1c, is stored on a secure server in Montreal, Canada and is accessible only by the administration of Ragnarok: Asgard Legend.
    5. Do not give this information out via any medium: game, forums, discord, or otherwise. Staff members of Ragnarok: Asgard Legend will never ask you for your password, personal information, or items. If you see this behavior, it is a scam.
  2. Accounts
    1. Each person is permitted only to have one master/forum account.
    2. There shall be no attempts to bypass the one master account per person limit by any means.
    3. Sharing of game and/or master accounts is permitted, but is under discretion of the user. Administration and staff will not intervene to recover characters, levels, and/or items lost when account sharing is found to have occurred.
    4. Players are limited to only 1 client within WoE castles, Battlegrounds, Mini-Games, and other areas when necessary. Players will be kicked from the map automatically and attempts to bypass this rule are not permitted.
    5. Running multiple clients is allowed, though certain measures have been taken to reduce the usefullness of multi-clienting as well as measures taken to incentivize using only one client. Attempts to circumvent these measures are not permitted.
    6. Real Money Transactions (RMT) are not permitted on any of Ragnarok: Asgard Legend's services. You may not sell your master account, game account, character, and/or items for real-life money.

II. Cheating, Glitches, and General Abuse

  1. Client Modifications
    1. Modification of the game excutable and related files (such as data.grf) are not permitted to be done by the user for any reason.
    2. Approved modifications will be explicitly listed by the administration and available for download directly from Ragnarok: Asgard Legend if allowed.
    3. Do not trust modifications done to the game's files done by anyone other than the administration. This may put you at risk for viruses, keyloggers, malware, etc. and have the potential to trigger our anti-cheat systems resulting in the blocking of your master account and/or game account.
  2. Third Party Programs
    1. The only third party program permitted to be used alongside Ragnarok: Asgard Legend is AzzyAI which controls homunculus AI behavior. This is included in the initial installer needed to play the game and should be downloaded from outside sources at your own risk.
    2. You may not use any program or macro that plays the game for you and/or moves your character. This includes but is not limited to controlling mouse movements or keystokes that accomplish this.
    3. Some keyboards and mice come with built-in macro functionality. These are permitted as long as they are not used to circumvent term II.2a and do not control character movement.
    4. You may not use any packet sending programs such as WPE/RPE or programs that automatically use potions or heal the character.
    5. As a general rule, do not use third party programs (except AzzyAI) as they may result in blocking of your accounts without warning.
  3. General Abuse
    1. Do not abuse any bugs or glitches you find. Report it on the forums. If something seems "too good to be true" it likely is. Not reporting a bug is considered exploiting and will result in punishment.
    2. If you have suspicions about another player it must be reported via a direct message to the administration or staff. Do not publicize your report.

III. Monsters and Items

  1. Monsters
    1. Killstealing is not permitted. If a player is being targeted and/or attacked by another monster, it is considered under their ownership.
    2. Once a monster stops targetting and/or attacking you, you do not have ownership. This includes, but is not limited to, leaving the monster to resupply, walking back and forth through a portal, or being dead next to the monster. There are very few circumstances that are an exception to this rule such as causing the "stun status" on a monster. Use your best discretion and be courteous to other players.
    3. Mini-boss monsters are not free-for-all. Terms III.1a and III.1b still apply.
    4. MvP monsters are free-for-all and ownership rules do not apply. You and/or your party are allowed to compete for an MvP using any means necessary as long as you are not harassing the player/party and have the intent and ability to kill the MvP. Though many examples may exist, below are a few examples of inappropriate behavior that can result in punishment:
      1. Forcing the MvP to teleport without intent or ability to actually kill the MvP.
      2. Using Heal on the MvP without intent or ability to kill the MvP.
      3. Casting Pneuma beneath the MvP without intent or ability to kill the MvP.
    5. Do not drop monsters or open dead branches on any character and/or party, AFK or not, with intent to harass or remove them from the map. Opening dead branches on maps that allow it is acceptible as long as it is not done directly on top of another player and/or party.
    6. If a dead branched monster attacks you, you are allowed to attack it, though intruding on a dead branch party is considered inappropriate and may be deemed as harassment.
    7. Do not leave half-killed monsters or otherwise already damaged monsters on the map with the intent of letting another player finish the kill.
  2. Items
    1. Items dropped by a monster are automatically considered owned by the player that did the most damage to the monster. Although there is a grace period of ten seconds of ownership, it is considered item stealing to intentionally wait for this timer to expire while the original owner is still nearby.
    2. Players are not permitted to block another player from picking up items owned by the other player. This includes, but is not limited to, casting Ice Wall around another player to block them from picking up monster loot.
    3. Loot left on the ground by a player not intending on picking it up is okay to take if considerable time has passed.
    4. Each guild is responsible for it's own guild storage. A password may be placed on guild storage, but staff members will not intervene if guild storage items are missing.

IV. Miscellaneous Rules

  1. Common Courtesy
    1. In general, common sense and courtesy should be applied. Be mindful of yourself and other players.
    2. Attacking, flaming, or harassing other players via chat, skill usage, mob dropping, etc. is not permitted on any service offered by Ragnarok: Asgard Legend. This includes, but is not limited to, in-game, forums, discord, and personal messages in the above.
    3. Casual swearing is allowed as long as it is not intended to harass or insult another player.
    4. Using a blank guild emblem while participating in WoE in not permitted.
    5. Do not attempt to scam players by any means. This is against policy whether a scam was successful or otherwise. Vending shops that have an misleading shop name are not considered scams. Be aware of what you are purchasing from another player in-game.
    6. Players may not create offensive names in their character name, shop name, pet name, etc. Names deemed offsensive will be changed without notice.
  2. Chat Channels and Towns
    1. Use the proper chat channel for your message. If you wish to not participate in a particular channel, you are allowed to leave it via settings in the "!settings" command.
    2. The #main chat channel is for general chat and is English only.
    3. Spamming any messages repeteadly in a chat channel or town is not permitted. This may result in a mute without warning.
    4. Spamming skills in town with intent to create an abundance of noise or lag for other players is not permitted.