Misc. Features

Unique Equipment

Weapon Modifications

Asgard Legend offers a brand new way to build your character through the randomization of weapons obtained from monsters! When a monster drops a weapon or armor (excluding headgears and accessories) it has a chance to obtain randomly generated bonuses.

Players are unable to view the bonuses, if any, on a piece of equipment until it is identified. Currently, there are 76 different weapon bonuses and 36 different armor bonuses! Each one of these bonuses also has a randomized value within our predetermined limits. This means that every single weapon or armor has millions of possible variations. Combine this with the card system and you may find that you have equipment that is one-of-a-kind!

Below are the chances of obtaining a weapon with bonuses:

  • One Random Bonus: 100% Chance
  • Two Random Bonuses: 35% Chance
  • Three Random Bonuses: 7% Chance
  • Four Random Bonuses: <0.4%

Rigidity System

All refinable equipment now have a state of rigidity whether they are found from monsters or purchased from NPCs. There are three rigidity states that will appear on your equipment below all modifications (if any). The states are as follows:
  • Sturdy Rigidity: Item is saved on failed refines.
  • Weak Rigidity: Item saved on failed refines.
  • Fragile Rigidity: Item destroyed on failed refines.
By default, all equipment are initially labeled as "Sturdy Rigidity." Each rigidity label will indicate if the item will be destroyed (deleted permanently) or if it will be saved when you fail in an refinement attempt. When an item is destroyed, it is removed from the game entirely as normal. When an item is saved, it loses all refinement (reset to +0) but the item is retained with all current modifications and cards. However, when an item is saved, the item's rigidity becomes weaker.

The trend for ridgidity is Sturdy -> Weak -> Fragile as it becomes weaker through failed refines.

Weather and Day/Night

While adventuring you may stumble upon adverse weather, so it is important to always have your wits about you. Certain areas of the world are more likely to adverse weather than others. New monsters can spawn at night, and hoards of monsters can come in the fog. But don't worry, clearing the horde can clear the fog!

Unlimited Share Range

Ever wanted to play solo, but worried you'll out-level a friend? Or maybe you have invited a friend to join the game, but are too high of a level to party with them...

An unlimited share range allows players to continue playing with their friends regardless of the level difference between them. Feel free to join any party you desire without fear of breaking the EXP sharing abilities of the party. However, there are diminishing returns the farther away you are from your friend. The amount of EXP received beyond 15 levels slowly decreases based on the difference between yourself and the highest leveled person in the party. This effect is applied on a per-person basis, so you never have to worry about negatively impacting other members of the party!

Click here to show the full EXP Sharing Table. (Note: Level Difference is between you and the highest level in the party)
Level Difference EXP Received
<15 100%
15 100%
16 88%
17 76%
18 64%
19 52%
20 40%
21 20%
22 18%
23 16%
24 14%
25 12%
26 10%
27 9%
28 8%
29 7%
30 6%
31 5%
32 4%
33 3%
34 2%
35 1%
36 0.99%
37 0.98%
38 0.96%
39 0.95%
40 0.94%
... ...
98 0.37%

And more!

There is a lot more to discover in Ragnarok: Asgard Legend than mentioned here, so be on the look out! The world is very interactive and players can accidentaly (or purposefully) trigger things such as hoards of monsters, world bosses, temporary world quests, town events, etc.

For a complete list of features and functions please visit our wiki!